Through Daddy’s Eyes, 3 months on

It’s been a while since I last shared a blog with you so here’s ‘Through Daddy’s Eyes, Three Months On’. Firstly, I want to introduce you all properly to our eldest lad Alfie. I also want to give you and insight to how I’m involved in Stanley’s daily routine and the thoughts I go through on a daily basis as a Dad having two children, one of which having Cystic Fibrosis. So here goes again… Continue reading “Through Daddy’s Eyes, 3 months on”

can’t keep away.. 

we’re back again!.. in hospital that is.

At the start of last week Stanley’s cough seemed to make an appearance again, we had only been back down to one lot of physio a day and down to prophylactic antibiotics for just a few days, but within a few days he seemed to be sounding rather noisy! It’s like we tempt fate every time we get down to just one lot of physio the dreaded cough returns!

Continue reading “can’t keep away.. “

2 month update. 

So we realise we’ve been a bit quiet on the blog lately… sorry!

It’s been safe to say the past few weeks have been eventful! People may remember on Stanley’s 1 month update we had explained that after his last clinic appointment a cough had returned within a few days and he was then put on two more weeks worth of antibiotics Continue reading “2 month update. “

living up to the name and getting it off my chest. 

When we started this blog one of the things we said we would be is honest, each time you write a blog post write it like no one is going to see it. Ive had part of this blog written for a week or so now, but it has took me a while longer to put out there than our previous posts, I hadn’t got round to finishing it.. Continue reading “living up to the name and getting it off my chest. “

A day in the life of..

We realise we’ve been updating the blog quite a lot.. This is just to get it started and so people can see what it is we are going to start fundraising shortly for!, we have been asked a lot of questions about Stanley and we will try and answer as many as we can within the blog! ( people are welcome to message us with questions or ask questions on the blog by commenting and we will try to include answers within the posts we put up ).

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