can’t keep away.. 

we’re back again!.. in hospital that is.

At the start of last week Stanley’s cough seemed to make an appearance again, we had only been back down to one lot of physio a day and down to prophylactic antibiotics for just a few days, but within a few days he seemed to be sounding rather noisy! It’s like we tempt fate every time we get down to just one lot of physio the dreaded cough returns!

He had his second lot of routine vaccinations on Tuesday and so after speaking with his CF nurse we agreed to give it a few days to see how he went after his jabs, sometimes it can be hard to decide what is causing what and we didn’t want to assume that he had a temperature or was unsettled for any other reason other than the fact he’d had his jabs. We also spoke about changing the antibiotic he is on.. as a general rule he should be on flucloxocillin however this only treats one bug in particular it’s normally found on the skin and is harmless to you or me, but should it get into Stanley’s lungs can be quite a pain to get rid of and can take a long time to treat, So we changed over to co-amoxoclav which treats more and hopefully this will prevent picking up so many bugs.

By Friday things had settled down from his jabs in all fairness he was fine after these ones they defiantly didn’t seem to affect him as much as his first lot but he just sounded awful! I contacted his nurse again and we ended up taking him onto day care at the hospital for him to be checked over.

After being looked over and giving the nurses lots of smiles! It was decided that he in fact has the start of broncholitis..again! It’s only been just over 3 weeks since we been home, we’re sure he just can’t keep away! it’s one of those things that always gets worse before getting better, his respiratory rate was up which was due to the infection. But on the plus side we were allowed home on a full dose of antibiotics.

we had a lovely weekend we took the boys to see the fireworks which they both loved.. but in true Stanley style not doing things by halves he decided to do THE biggest nappy ever! and we ended up having the change him in the back of an ambulance!.. only stanley!

Over the weekend he still seemed settled and his cough actually seemed slightly better, by the Sunday though upon changing his nappies we noticed there was blood! Maybe a one off? But no .. every nappy change after that had blood in and there was nothing obvious that would be causing it, so yesterday I contacted his nurse again (I’m sure they must be sick of us haha!) and we were told a bed had been booked for him pack a bag bring his medicines and milk and make our way in, he was checked over again and he is now an inpatient.

The one positive (if you can call it that..) is that the swabs the doctor took on Friday have come back already and they have picked up a virus, it’s pretty similar to the one he had a few weeks ago and causes that broncholitic sort of cough however it can also make it’s way into the stomach and can cause gastroenteritis.. just to add something else to the list!  Unfortunately it’s that time of the year where there seems to be a lot going around, it’s Stanley’s first winter he’s still little and no matter how hard you try he is just going to pick things up.
On top of this today his cough now sounds more wet again, just as we think we’re getting somewhere! he is now back up to 3 lots of physio a day and as we speak we are waiting for his CF team to come round to see him after clinic has taken place this morning (which Stanley was meant to attend but he clearly likes to get in there before anyone else hey?!) hopefully we have a plan and that some of the bloods that were taken yesterday have come back and we know abit more about what’s going on!

We will keep people updated.. but here’s a few smiles for now 💛💛



Just a quick message for those who have been asking;  tickets for Stanley’s charity night are now available to buy! Tickets are £10 a person under 16’s are free. Please contact the page or either me or jack if you wish to buy some – thank you 💜💜

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