sweating it out. 

Just a quick post to keep people updated!

So yesterday we had both boys sweat tests as mentioned on the previous post..

The test took around an hour or so to complete, we were greeted by a lovely lady who was a biomedical scientist who explained the test.. both boys then had to have electric pads put onto them in order to heat up the skin to produce sweat, Alfie had them on his arm and Stanley had them on his back (due to him being so little) they were held there for ten minutes and then taken off ready for plastic to be put over the area of skin and the samples taken after half an hour once enough sweat had been collected. They sometimes have to repeat the test if they don’t gather enough so good job both of my boys are sweaty haha!

Stanley slept through the test but Alfie had said that it felt like pins and needles and the lady doing the test did say this was common and that it was a weird sensation,  it didn’t hurt but it wasn’t the most comfortable of things either.

Stanley’s back went really red and Alfie’s arm not so much but we were told this would go down after a few hours which thankfully it did,  the test results usually take a few days to come back however I had a phone call from Stanley’s nurse this morning to give me the results.. Alfie’s came back completely normal meaning he defiantly doesn’t have CF, however Stanley’s salt levels came back high just as expected and this was the final test to completely confirm that he does infact have cystic fibrosis. Obviously this confirmed what we already knew anyway as both of Stanley’s faulty gene types had been found but it’s what they call the golden stamp and has to be done in order to confirm diagnosis.

So there we have it is official! one little boy with CF one without – both just as special as each other 💛💛

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