8 months it’s been since we last did a blog.. where has that time gone?!

We as always keep everyone up to date with everything that’s been going on,on social media but admittedly the blog has been neglected, that’s something that will change this year and blog posts will now go up more regularly.

so in the last 8 months since we last blogged quite a lot has happened! Stanley turned 2, Alfie turned 8 and they are both still big characters as ever! there bond is still unbreakable, I honestly think that these two will be best friends forever, I love watching them together it’s so special, ( although they have started wrestling each other now I’m not so keen on watching that part! But boys will be boys!) Continue reading “acceptance.”

My boy Alfie.

As most of you that follow the blog know we have two boys – Alfie and Stanley.

Alfie now 7, came along when me and Jack were just seventeen, at the time it was easy for most people to judge to look at us both as just another teenage couple that wouldn’t last, “just another set of teenage parents”

Continue reading “My boy Alfie.”

all that matters is the baby is healthy..

“All that matters is the baby is healthy”

I actually find this a weird saying since having the boys.. it’s not something I find myself saying to anyone now – Because my children weren’t born healthy.

In fact when people ask us about having more children it becomes quite awkward at times, reactions are one end of the scale to the other either lovely or people actually look at you like your almost mad, usually right after the same questions each time and the same answers.. Continue reading “all that matters is the baby is healthy..”


we have used over 10,000 syringes in 18 Months to provide water, medicines and enzymes 💉

over 1100 nebulised treatments totalling around just over 13 days of stanleys life. 💊

in just 18 months we have had around 10 admissions to hospitals. 🏥

15 cf clinic appointments. 👶🏼 Continue reading “ORKAMBI NOW.”

Through Daddy’s Eyes: When you’re ready Son

Most of the blogs that I do are planned in a way – I jot down emotions and thoughts as I go along and then bring them all together and share these with you. This particular blog is pretty much unplanned and that’s because Sophie showed me a blog recently which got me thinking. The blog Sophie showed me made me think that Stan will see this one day, he will see the blogs we have written from our emotions laid out to trying to raise awareness of Cystic Fibrosis. I also thought the reason this blog is here, the reason we have started fund raising is because of Stanley and to show you, our followers, a life with Cystic Fibrosis. We have never spoken to Stan directly through one of our blogs, to tell him how we feel or why we have done certain things. I think the time is right for me to do that, to speak to Stan at a time we are just about to embark on a new year and a time where we reflect. Continue reading “Through Daddy’s Eyes: When you’re ready Son”

Thinking it over. 

well now we’re back to some sort of normality after the school holidays and hospital admissions it’s time to focus more on fundraising and the blog again.
We have been abit quiet on the blog front for a while now, I don’t think it was intentional but sometimes there’s just not a spare minute in the day!

Continue reading “Thinking it over. “

Through Daddy’s Eyes: The First Year

It’s Stanley’s first birthday coming up and I thought it would be a nice time to look back on the year we’ve had and coupled with the fact I think my last blog was a bit brief – I think you’d agree we’ve had a hectic year, hospital admissions, bike rides and proposals and that not even half of it! Normally Sophie proof reads my blogs but this time I’d like her to read this in the same vein you, the people who follow the blog, do.

Continue reading “Through Daddy’s Eyes: The First Year”

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